Boiling the Stupid Frog..


It’s called The Boiling Frog Syndrome: Put a frog in a bowl with some water .. Then put it on fire, and start to slowly increase the temperature of the water .. You will notice that the frog tries as hard as possible to adapt to the increasing temperature of the water by adjusting his own ..

As the water reaches boiling temperature, the frog becomes in a situation where he is unable to adapt anymore, so he decides to jump out !! .. He tries, but with no luck .. Because he had lost all his power trying to adapt with the increasing temperature .. Eventually he dies !!

What killed the frog ?! Is it the increasing temperature of the water or his inability to adapt ?! The truth is, it is actually his untimely decision of jumping when it is too late, it is because he lost all his powers trying to adapt ..

While pursuing who you want to be, stay aware of who you are becoming .. and conscious about your decisions and your changing environment .. Don’t wait till it’s too late to take the decisions that should be taken earlier! ~Look around you, Now!

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Who gives a Shit ?


I coughed so hard to day, my asshole almost blew out .. Complaining to my mom, she gave me a glove and some cream to apply .. Finally a reason to finger myself in the living room

كحيت بقوة شديدة اليوم، لدرجة أن فتحة شرجي كادت أن تنفجر .. بعد أن اشتكيت الأمر لأمي العزيزة، قامت بإعطائي قفازاً وكريماً لوضعه على منطقة الألم .. وأخيراً أصبح لدي حجة لبعبصة موخرتي في غرفة الجلوس

The Great Debate: Determinism & Free Will